Ammore e Malavita (Love and bullets)


133’, color, comedy, 2017, Italy

A film by Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti

With: Claudia Gerini, Carlo Buccirosso, Serena Rossi, Giampaolo Morelli, Raiz

Cinematography: Francesca Amitrano

Editing: Federico Maneschi

Production: Madeleine, Manetti Bros, RAI Cinema, Tam Tam Fotografie (Roby Schirer), Mompracem.

Theatrical distribution: 01 Distribution [Italy]


In order to avoid the death of the husband (the criminal boss Don Vincenzo, “King of the Fish”), Donna Maria sends her henchmen to kill a lookalike (a shoe-seller) and then she sets up a fake funeral, while the husband is hiding in a secret place. But a nurse saw Don Vincenzo alive in the hospital while he was supposed to be dead, as the TV says. To hush the witness up, Don Vincenzo orders to his best trained bodyguards, Ciro and Rosario, to find the nurse and kill her. Ciro finds the nurse: surprisingly she is Fatima, the only girl he ever loved, which he had abandoned when he began his criminal career. To save her, Ciro hides Fatima by his uncle Mimmo, and starts a bloody fight with all his clan, including his best friend Rosario

The Bridges of Sarajevo


110’, color, fiction, 2014, France/Italy/Bosnia/Switzerland/Germany/Portugal

Collective film by Aida Begic, Leonardo Di Costanzo, Jean-Luc Godard, Kamen Kalev, Isild Le Besco, Sergei Loznitsa, Vincenzo Marra, Ursula Meier, Vladimir Perisic, Cristi Puiu, Marc Recha, Angela Schanelec, Teresa Villaverde.

Producers: Fabienne Servan Schreiber, Laurence Miller, Francesco Virga, Gianfilippo Pedote, Mirsad Purivatra, Jovan Marjanovic, Frédéric Mermoud, Pandora da Cunha Telles, Pablo Iraola, Titus Kreyenberg

Production: Cinétévé, MIR Cinematografica, Unafilm, Rai Cinema, supported by MiBAC, Obala Art Centar, Bande à part films, Ukbar filmes, La Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale, France 2 Cinéma, Orange Studio, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, with the support of ATLantic Grupa, Cinéforom, ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Film und Medienstiftung NRW, Fondation Sarajevo Cœur de l’Europe, Loterie Romande, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Office fédéral de la culture (DFI) – Suisse, Sarajevo City of Film, Fondazione Cassarurale di trento, Trentino Film Commission

Word Sales: Indie Sales [France]


13 European directors explore the theme of Sarajevo and what this city represents in European history over the past hundred years, and what Sarajevo incarnates today in Europe. From different generations and origins, these eminent filmmakers offer many singular styles and visions. François Schuiten, famous Belgian comic book artist (Cities of the Fantastic) imagined animated cartoon links in between these films, a metaphoric transposition in his graphically luxuriant world of the emblematic bridges of the city of Sarajevo.

Tutto parla di te (All about you)


86’, color, fiction, 2013, Italy/Switzerland

A film by Alina Marazzi

With: Charlotte Rampling, Elena Radonicich, Valerio Binasco

Screenplay by Alina Marazzi, Dario Zonta, Daniela Persico

Cinematography: Mario Masini

Editing: Ilaria Fraioli

Producer: Gianfilippo Pedote

Production: MIR Cinematografica with Rai Cinema with ventura films and  RSI-Radiotelevisione Svizzera

Theatrical distribution: BIM


Pauline(CharlotteRampling) returns to Turin ‐ her place of birth ‐ for the first time after many years and gets in touch with Angela (Maria Grazia Mandruzzato), whom she had earlier met abroad and who now manages a Maternity Center. Here Pauline undertakes a research project on the experiences and problems of today’s mothers, starting from the statements, videos, photographs collected by Angela. Among the mothers attending the Center there is Emma (Elena Radonicich), a young and elusive dancer in deep crisis: she doesn’t know how to face the responsibilities demanded by motherhood and sees her life at a standstill. She feels alone and inept. Between the two women, a relationship of complicity develops, which in a play of reflections, will lead Pauline to come to terms with her own tragic past and allow Emma to discover a meaningful sense of self in her new identity as a mother.

Paura 3D


104’, color, horror, 2012, Italy

A film by Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti

With: Peppe Servillo, Francesca Cuttica, Domenico Diele

Cinematography: Gianfilippo Corticelli

Editing: Federico Maneschi

Production: Pepito Produzioni, Vision Project (Roby Schirer), Dania Film, Manetti bros. Film, Medusa Film, Sky Cinema, Mediaset

Theatrical distribution: Medusa Distribuzione [Italy]


Three young musicians think they have luck on their side when they score the keys to a beautiful villa outside of Rome for the weekend. Unfortunately, they soon discover that they are not alone.

Vogliamo anche le rose (We want roses too)


84’, colour and black and white, doc, 2007, Italy/Switzerland

A film by Alina Marazzi

With: Teresa Saponangelo, Anita Caprioli, Valentina Carnelutti

Editing: Ilaria Fraioli

Original soundtrack: Ronin, Bruno Dorella

Producers: Gianfilippo Pedote, Francesco Virga, Andres Pfaeffli, Elda Guidinelli

Production: Mir Cinematografica, Ventura Film, Rai Cinema, RTSI, Fox Channels Italy, Aamod, Yle

Theatrical Distribution: Mikado

World Sales: Women Makes Movie


This stunning visual masterpiece is an exuberant testament to the resolve of women of the ’60s and ’70s sexual revolution and feminist movement in Italy. Acclaimed director Alina Marazzi takes viewers on a gorgeous storytelling journey through archival footage, advertisements, and colorful images juxtaposed with the true-life struggles and first person narrations of three diverse Italian women: Anita, who is struggling with an oppressive father and the strict rules of her Catholic faith; Teresa, who must resort to a heartbreaking illicit abortion; and Valentina, a militant feminist caught between love and her commitment to the movement. The feminist slogan “We want bread, but we want roses too,” was first chanted by thousands of striking female textile workers in Massachusetts in 1912. Marazzi’s vibrant film is a celebration of women who fought for a world where both the essentials of bread and the poetry of roses have a place. The artistic and educational, personal and political converge beautifully in this fascinating film that transcends time and culture to reveal many of the universal struggles and inspirations of women’s equality.

Fame chimica (The munches)


97’ color, fiction, 2003, Italy

A film by Antonio Bocola and Paolo Vari

With: Marco Foschi, Matteo Gianoli, Valeria Solarino

Cinematographer: Mladen Matula

Editing: Maurizio Grillo

Soundtrack coordination Luca Persico

Production design: Gianfilippo Pedote

Producers: Gianfilippo Pedote, Franco Bocca Gelsi, Franco Zuliani, Pio Bordoni

Produced by: Coop Gagarin, Ubu Film

Theatrical Distribution: Lucky Red


In the suburbs of Milan, a residents’ association tries to keep away a group of immigrants. Meanwhile, the friendship of two longtime friends is put to the test when a beautiful former schoolmate shows up after spending some time abroad.

Un’ora sola ti vorrei (For one more hour with you)

55′, colour and black and white, doc, 2002, Italy

A film by Alina Marazzi

Editing: Ilaria Fraioli

Producers: Gianfilippo Pedote, Alina Marazzi, Francesco Virga, Giuseppe Piccioni

Produced by: Venerdì, Bartleby Film, Tele+, RTSI Televisione Svizzera

Theatrical Distribution: Mikado/CDV-Casa delle Visioni

World Sales: Roco Film

Italian documentary filmmaker Alina Marazzi tries to piece together the life of her mother who passed away in 1972 when she was 7 years old. Through a patchwork of home movies, recordings and diary entries, Alina crafts a moving tribute to the universal power of love.



28’, color, art film, 1991, Italy/USAA film by Godfrey Reggio

Original soundtrack by Philip Glass

Editing: Miroslav Janek

Produced by Gianfilippo Pedote and Larry Taub

Studio Equatore Production with RE for Bulgari

World Sales: CDV-Casa delle Visioni


Image and music are intertwined in this third collaboration between director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass. The film was produced to celebrate the World Wildlife Fund’s Biological Diversity Campaign. The film combines images of nature with pulsing rhythms in a Microcosmos (1997) meets Koyaanisqatsi (1983) spectacle.