Spherycon, School for the unemployed


Feature fiction film in pre-production

Director: Paolo Vari

Subject: Thomas Franke, Gianfilippo Pedote, Paolo Vari, Stefano Voltaggio Freely inspired by the novel Schule der Arbeitslosen by Joachim Zelter, Klopfer & Meyer, Tubingen.
Screenplay: Carlo Salsa, Paolo Vari, Stefano Voltaggio.

Project developed with the support of Media Slate Europe, the Italian-German (Mibact FFA) bilateral fund, and Rai Rai Cinema

Produced by CDV-Casa delle Visioni

Co-produced by Komplizen Film (Berlin) and Dschointventschr (Zurich)


Europe: the very near future. Two people out of three are out of work, and the majority of them always will be. A selected handful of unemployed people, men and women with different backgrounds, arrive at Spherycon, a school established by the European Union to teach those without work to transform themselves into perfect candidates for the few jobs that are still to be found. Rule number one: be aware that an unemployed person is someone who has done everything wrong in life. Rule number two: forget everything that you used to be and fight in every way you can for the only thing that really counts. Finding a job.

Peripheric Love


In development

A film by Luc Walpoth

A Swiss-Italian co-production of Dschointventschr (Zurich) and CDV-Casa delle Visioni



In development

Feature fiction film by Mimmo Paladino

Produced by CDV – Casa delle Visioni, Run Film, Nuovo Teatro

Dante’s Inferno in the look of the great contemporary artist Mimmo Paladino.

The Chosen People

Feature fiction film written by Stefano Massini and based on a true story

How an ignorant peasant and his community in a small village in Southern Italy decided to embrace their own, home-made version of Judaism with, arguably, the worst possible timing in history: the period of deportation and extermination of Jews during World War II. This is a true story.


In development

Feature film written by Felice Pesoli and based on a true story

The art of coming in last