CDV – Casa delle Visioni, a new born film production company.


Three professionals, each with his own background in the independent movie industry, joined forces to realize quality independent films targeting an international audience, with the purpose of critically explore the complexities and contradictions of today’s world.


CDV – Casa delle Visioni is based in Italy, Milan




SELFIE, a film by Agostino Ferrente

With Alessandro Antonelli and Pietro Orlando
France/Italy, 78 min, doc, 2019

61° International Film Festival Berlin – Panorama

Magneto and Arte France production

Co-produced by Casa delle Visioni and Rai Cinema in collaboration with Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Reel One, Pirata Manifatture Cinematografiche
under the patronage of Amnesty International

World Sales – Deckert Distribution GmbH – 
Theatrical Distribution in Italy – Istituto Luce Cinecittà – form the 30th of May, 2019



Alessandro and Pietro are 16 years-old and live in Naples, district of Traiano where, In the summer of 2014, Davide Bifolco, also 16, died, shot while being pursued by a policeman who mistook him for a fugitive. They are inseparable friends, Alessandro works as a waiter in a bar, Pietro dreams to become a hairdresser. Alessandro and Pietro accept the director’s proposal to shoot themselves with an iPhone, commenting live on their own daily experiences, their close friendship, their neighbourhood – now empty, in the middle of summer – and the tragedy that ended Davide’s life





  • Lux Film Fest, Luxembourg International Film Festival 2019 – Miglior documentario;

  • EIDF International Documentary Film Festival di Seoul, 2019, Documentary Goyang Award, Corea;

  • 6° Bridge Film Festival, Verona, 2019, Menzione Speciale;

  • Premio della rivista ‘Gli Asini’ 2019, Direzione Goffredo Fofi;

  • Riconoscimento di ‘Film della Critica’ 2019 del Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici;

  • Ischia Film Festival 2019, miglior film nella sezione ‘Location negata’;

  • 20° ShorTS International Film Festival, 2019, Sezione Nuove Impronte – premi miglior film lugometraggio, miglior produzione,  miglior sceneggiatura.

  • Ortigia Film Festival, 2019, Premio Sebastiano Gesù per il miglior Documentario;

  • Festival Cinema&Letteratura, 2019, Mola di Bari – Miglior film sezione “I 400 colpi”;

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